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Series AA266/31
Comparative vocabulary of Reuther's Dictionary listed by Tindale's Tribes
Quantity3 cm, 1 part Albox foolscap folder
ProvenanceRev. Johann Georg Reuther

Inventory Listing

AA 266/31/1-2

Reuthers vocabulary listed by language groups


This item contains 97 typescript pages and 103 carbon copy pages of a comparative vocabulary of Reuther's dictionary listed by Tindale's Tribes. Language groups listed are: Dieri, Wonkanguru, Kujani, Ngameni, Tirari, Arabana, Jauraworka, Jandruwanta and English.

Tindale Tribes: Arabana; Dieri; Jandruwanta; Jauraworka; Kujani; Ngameni; Tirari; Wongkanguru.

  Creator Rev. Johann Georg Reuther
Control AA 266/31/1-2
Quantity 3 cm, 200 foolscap pages Formats Vocabularies
Inventory Identifier REU-00475
Series AA266/31