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Series AA266/03
Vocabulary cards
Quantity20 cm, 5 A4 Albox folders
ProvenanceRev. Johann Georg Reuther

This series contains vocabulary cards.

Arrangedalphabetical and no order imposed

Inventory Listing

AA 266/3/1/1-5

Vocabulary cards arranged alphabetically and in no order


This item contains printed cards that includes the following language groups: Dieri, Wongkanguru, Kuyani, Ngaumini, Tirari, Wonkarabana, Yauraworka and Yendruwunta as well as notes. The cards have Reuther's vocabulary number and the Australian Aboriginal word typed under each language group. The definition is handwritten in German (ink) and English (pencil) and the notes, a translation of the German in ink. Three of the five volumes have been arranged alphabetically and the remaining two in no particular order.

Formerly Acc. No. 1546

Tindale Tribes: Dieri; Jauraworka; Kujani; Tirari; Wongkanguru.

  Creator Rev. Johann Georg Reuther
Control AA 266/3/1/1-5
Quantity 20 cm, 5 A4 Albox folders Formats Vocabularies
Inventory Identifier REU-00356
Series AA266/03