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Series List and Summary Descriptions
AA 23  Daisy May Bates


Correspondence relating to Australian Anthropology


This series comprises letters written by Daisy Bates to GW Gifford, Sir Edward Stirling, HM Hale, NB Tindale and JB Cleland between 1912 and 1933. This series includes typed copies of some of the letters, and typed extracts of others. The typing was apparently done by Museum personnel for ease of reference.The correspondence has been divided into three sub-series as follows:

AA 23/1/1 comprises eight letters written by Bates to GW Griffin between 1912-1918 while she was living in the Yalata area on South Australia's west coast.

AA 23/1/2 comprises one letter written by Bates to Sir Edward Stirling from Yalata Station on 7 January 1919.

AA 23/1/3 comprises eight letters written by Bates to HM Hale, NB Tindale and JB Cleland while she was living near Ooldea Siding on the East-West Railway line.

  Date Range 1912 - 1935
Quantity 3 cm, 21 letters
Provenance Daisy May Bates


Publications by Daisy Bates and other authors


This series is divided into two sub-series as follows:

AA23/2/1 comprises published papers and newspaper articles by Daisy Bates.

AA23/2/2 comprises published papers by other authors.

  Date Range 1907 - 1950
Quantity 5 cm, 8 published papers and articles in plastic sleeves
Provenance Daisy May Bates


Notes and labels relating to tjuringas and other objects



This series consists of documentation relating to tjuringas and other secret/sacred objects (and some weapons, utensils and stone artefacts) donated by Daisy Bates to the South Australian Museum. The documentation includes Bates' original hand-written notes and labels which provide details of the provenance and totemic associations of the tjuringas, and NB Tindale's transcriptions of those labels. This series has been divided into 5 subseries.

AA23/3/1 comprises notes by Bates relating to the tjuringas she obtained for the South Australian Museum and the labels she attached to the tjuringas.

AA23/3/2 consists of handwritten notes relating to tjuringas, extracted from AA23/3/1.

AA23/3/3 consists of typescript notes by Bates entitled 'Inma or tjuringas from Ooldea'.

AA23/3/4 consists of lists of objects received from Daisy Bates.

AA23/3/5 consists of a manuscript list of 'Reduced Tulas'.

  Date Range c. 1925 - c. 1935
Quantity 3 cm, 5 manuscript and typescript notes
Provenance Daisy May Bates


Linguistic data


This series comprises linguistic data recorded by Daisy Bates and is divided into 2 sub-series:

AA23/4/1 comprises four Aboriginal vocabularies recorded by Bates at Eucla and Ooldea.

AA23/4/2 consists of four copies of an Aboriginal wordbook issued by the Western Australian Government in 1904.

  Date Range 1904 - c. 1932
Quantity 4 cm, 5 manuscript notes and booklets
Provenance Daisy May Bates


Personal Correspondence, clothing and other Items


This series comprises personal items belonging to Daisy Bates which were included in a suitcase of Daisy Bates' clothes and other personal effects which the South Australian Museum acquired after her death. The items apparently relate to the last few years of Bates' life, when she was confined to a 'sanitorium' in Prospect, South Australia. This series is divided into 3 major sub-series as follows.

AA23/5/1 consists of personal letters and cards.

AA23/5/2 consists of miscellaneous newspaper clippings collected by Daisy Bates.

AA23/5/3 consists of clothing and other personal items.

Some items from this suitcase have been placed elsewhere in the Bates collection; the volume of Mankind and a biographical article from People magazine have been placed in Series 2.

  Date Range 1949 - 1950
Quantity 2 cm,
Provenance Daisy May Bates


Papers relating to the 'We Remember Daisy Bates' exhibition curated by the National Trust of South Australia


This series consists of material relating to an exhibition on Daisy Bates in November 1999 at Ayers House in Adelaide. The exhibition was mounted by the National Trust of South Australia.

  Date Range 1999 - 2000
Quantity 1 cm, 4 publicity material, in mylar sleeve
Provenance Daisy May Bates


Photographs relating to Australian Aboriginal people


This series consists of two black and white photos taken at Ooldea, plus a photo of a fossil seashell from Ooldea used as a millstone by Aboriginal people. The latter photo is labelled Acc. No. 725 and AA 23/7/1.

The two photographs (AA23/7/1/1-2) were not listed as part of the Bates Collection in 1980, when Kay Mead compiled a guide to this collection. They were probably copied from the Bolam collection (see AA 640) in 1999 for the National Trust of South Australia's exhibition on Daisy Bates (see Series 6).

The series also included a set of paste-up photographs of Aboriginal sites and stone artefacts cut from a paper by TD Campbell (see AA 52) and R Edwards (see AA 83) entitled 'Stone implements', published in Aboriginal Man in South and Central Australia (Board for Anthropological Research, University of Adelaide, 1966). It appears that these photographs were wrongly placed in the Bates collection at some time in the past. The offcut photographs have now been placed in the TD Campbell collection. It is possible that the photograph of the fossil shell is also from the Campbell collection, but as the photo was evidently provided to Campbell by Bates, it is retained in the Bates collection.

  Date Range c. 1920 - c. 1937
Quantity 1 cm, 3 photographs and negatives, in plastic sleeves
Provenance Daisy May Bates


Maps annotated by Daisy Bates


This series consist of a set of three maps of the South Australian portion of the Nullarbor Plain and Great Victoria Desert region, annotated by Daisy Bates with some Aboriginal place-names and other data. The maps were evidently produced by the SA Surveyor-General from a map provided by Bates in 1914.

  Date Range 1914
Quantity 1 cm, 3 Maps
Provenance Daisy May Bates