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Series AA23/05
Personal Correspondence, clothing and other Items
Date Range1949 - 1950
Quantity2 cm,
ProvenanceDaisy May Bates

This series comprises personal items belonging to Daisy Bates which were included in a suitcase of Daisy Bates' clothes and other personal effects which the South Australian Museum acquired after her death. The items apparently relate to the last few years of Bates' life, when she was confined to a 'sanitorium' in Prospect, South Australia. This series is divided into 3 major sub-series as follows.

AA23/5/1 consists of personal letters and cards.

AA23/5/2 consists of miscellaneous newspaper clippings collected by Daisy Bates.

AA23/5/3 consists of clothing and other personal items.

Some items from this suitcase have been placed elsewhere in the Bates collection; the volume of Mankind and a biographical article from People magazine have been placed in Series 2.


Inventory Listing

AA 23/5/1-21

Personal correspondence


This sub-series consist of personal correspondence (including Christmas and birthday greetings to Daisy Bates from friends and admirers) and a photograph of Florence Rutter. This material was included in the suitcase of Daisy Bates' clothing and personal effects which were received after Daisy Bates' death. It evidently relates to the last few years of her life, when she was living in a 'sanitorium' at Prospect.

This sub-series includes a list of the items of clothing and other personal effects included in Bates' suitcase.

  Creator Daisy May Bates
Control AA 23/5/1-21
Date Range c. 1949 - c. 1950
Quantity 2 cm,
Formats General Correspondence, Ephemera, Loose Notes and Loose Photographic Prints
Inventory Identifier AA 23/5/1-21
Series AA23/05


Newspaper Clippings


This sub-series comprises copies of the following publications:
The War Cry June 10 1950.
Children's Newspaper December 17, 1949.

  Creator Daisy May Bates
Control AA23/5/2/1-2
Date Range 1949 - 1950
Quantity 1 cm,
Formats News Clippings
Inventory Identifier AA23/5/2/1-2
Series AA23/05


Clothing and personal effects


This series consists of clothing and other personal effects received by the Museum after Daisy Bates' death in 1951.

The contents are stored in 5 boxes and have been labelled from Box A to Box E as follows:

Box A

  • 1 black velvet pillbox hat with artificial flowers trim
  • 1 brown, green, beige, yellow and blue fabric pillbox hat
  • 1 black hat
  • 1 black hat with black ties and bow
  • 1 black felt hat with veil
  • 1 straw hat with black velvet ribbon
  • 2 hat pins
  • 2 black veils
  • 1 blue veil
  • 1 envelope with handwritten note 'my hairnets'
  • hairnets
  • 1 ivory crepe long sleeves buttoned shirt
  • 2 cream satin or silk blouses
  • 1 buttoned calico and lace bodice [undergarment]
  • 1 cropped buttoned calico bodice [undergarment]
  • 1 collar or trim

Box B

  • 2 piece navy wool suit
  • 2 piece grey suit
  • 2 piece black wool suit
  • 2 piece grey gabardine suit with blue checks
  • 1 blue/purple jacket
  • 1 black skirt

Box C

  • 1 pair of cream chamois gloves
  • 1 pair of off white cotton gloves
  • 1 grey single glove
  • 1 pair of beige gloves
  • 1 pair of brown woolen gloves
  • 8 starched collars
  • fabric pieces with clothing pattern
  • 19 handkerchiefs; 1 with nappy pin
  • lace bag (that had contained a 4 piece spirit burner and stand; black shoe polish; black shoe brush and tin of canned heat 'burnzo')
  • 2 calico bags
  • 1 drawstring cloth bag with 'kiwi polishing cloth' printed on it
  • 1 string of orange wooden beads
  • 1 broken string of green and white beads
  • 1 mirror
  • 1 piece of fabric
  • 1 large piece of calico with 'this [?] My Burial' handwritten note
  • 1 calico bag
  • 1 small piece of calico [cloth?]
  • bits of cloth bound in acid free paper
  • bits of string, ribbon, bias binding, wool etc bound in acid free paper
  • 1 skein of brown wool
  • 1 ball of wool
  • 1 empty tyvek bag with a note 'filled Feb '81'
  • 1 tag with handwritten note 'packet of seeds'. Seeds are missing

Box D

  • wooden coathanger
  • 6 piece wooden shoe trees (2 sets)

Box E

  • 4 piece spirit burner and stand; black shoe polish; black shoe brush and tin of canned heat 'burnzo'
  • gophering iron
  • knife
  • celluloid/vinyl object
  • 1 leather purse
  • 1 yellow comb
  • 1 tin with sewing items such as needles, cotton, wool and thimble as well as an ink pen

There is also 1 brown suitcase.

  Creator Daisy May Bates
Control AA23/5/3
Date Range c. 1949 - c. 1952
Inventory Identifier AA23/5/3
Series AA23/05