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Series AA 122/01
A letter about an unknown world or A trip into North Western South Australia
CONTAINS RESTRICTED MATERIAL. Previously part Accession 50
Date Range1933 - 1934
ProvenanceCecil John Hackett

One bound volume in the form of an illustrated narrative.

While the photographs are not formally numbered some have been annotated in pencil with an identification number (eg JA33:178)

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AA 122/1/1

A letter about an unknown world or A trip into North Western South Australia, 1933-1934

  CONTAINS RESTRICTED MATERIAL. Previously part Accession 50

One volume bound as correspondence illustrated with black and white photographs taken during a journey into central South Australia. For reference to photographs cited JA33 see AA122/12.

Individuals, subject matter and locations noted include:

  • page 1 dated Adelaide February 1934, Don Jorg, Shanghai 1933, NB Tindale (AA 338), South Australian Museum, Board of Anthropological Research (AA 346), Rockefeller Foundation, Ernabella, Musgrave Ranges, Allan Brumby (AA 42), camels, Oodnadatta, Afghan Town, black swans, artesian bore, Alice Springs, Mount Isa, the Afghans
  • page 2 London Zoological Society's gardens, 25 May, Ernabella, Mount Chandler, Granite Downs, camel train
  • page 3 Ferdinand River, Mount Ferdinand, Giles (1873), Glen Ferdinand. Photograph Glen Ferdinand station. Black gecko
  • page 4 Allan Brumby, "native people entirely devoid of clothes". Photograph landscape of southern range from Ernabella, porcupine grass (Triodia irritans). Photograph (JA33:1) horses and camels at water hole
  • page 5 photograph (JA33:180) three men around fire left eStan, Allan Brumby, eBob Hughes, Colombo, Bloomsbury, Mayfair, Cohen Porterheim, England, Capek, Ireland
  • page 6 group photograph Australian Aboriginal men armed standing on large rock. Baboon Hill, Jankunjajara, Pitjanjara men. Arabana, Oodnadatta, Musgrave Ranges, NB Tindale, Mann Ranges, Fatty (Australian Aboriginal man), Kutjara wee-I, Allan Brumby
  • page 7 photograph NB Tindale, Allan Brumby, packing up. Photograph loading camels, cEvelyn, Afghan's camel, Oodnadatta
  • page 8 camels, Allan Brumby, Granny, cPolly, Buller, cTony, dTrixie, dGeorge. Photograph (JA33:177) dLady
  • page 9 photograph dTrixie (JA33:178). Photograph dGeorge (JA33:179), Allan Brumby
  • page 10 Ernabella, 13 June 1933, Ferdinand River, uPaddy and uVic, Upsan station, camel car, Oodnadatta store, wild dog scalps. Photograph Allan Brumby with Australian Aboriginal men trading rations for scalps at Konapundi
  • page 11 dingos, rabbits, trapping of Scarlet Breasted parrot, Bourke parrot, NB Tindale. Photograph Mount Woodroffe, giant salt bush
  • page 12 photograph Australian Aboriginal men at Owallinga Springs, Bower bird, cEvelyn. Photograph landscape with mounted man on left, Officer Creek and Mount Woodroffe. uPaddy, Allan Brumby, porcupine bush, pulse rate
  • page 13 photograph (JA33:6) trig point and expeditioners accompanied by a diagram of the hill, Allan Brumby, uPaddy. Photograph landscape looking north
  • page 14 Upsan Downs, NB Tindale, Mount Woodroffe, Mount Saint Mary, Flinders Ranges, 17 June, Musgrave Ranges, euros, Erli-wanji-wanji. Photograph rock hole. Photograph camp site
  • page 15 rock holes. Photographs caves, "native posing beside rock painting and paintings representing Ceremony men." Measured thirteen Australian Aboriginal people, stone flakes, epi-palaeolothic type. 21 June Konapundi, camp four, Jack Anderson, Ceremony
  • page 16 group photograph Australian Aboriginal men, Pagali (aged about 15), grandson, jam tins, Allan Brumby, Tjamu, godfather, list of relationships formed between Hackett and the Australian Aboriginal people whom he met, witchetty grub
  • This item is Restricted. page 17 photograph (JA33:164) Pagali with dingo pup. Ceremony
  • This item is Restricted. Page 18 initiation at Konapondi, 23 June 1933 Australian Aboriginal women departing carrying mimbu-s (wooden vessels), Allan Brumby, Jimmy and Paddy our interpreters, Hoppy (Australian Aboriginal man)
  • This item is Restricted. Page 19. (JA33:132) Ceremony and NB Tindale
  • This item is Restricted. Page 20 (JA33:128) Ceremony
  • This item is Restricted. Page 21 (JA33:139) Ceremony
  • This item is Restricted. Page 22 Jimmy and Munkerie Ceremony
  • This item is Restricted. Page 23 NB Tindale, Jimmy Ceremony
  • This item is Restricted. Page 24 Jimmy, Paddy Ceremony
  • page 25 photograph two Australian Aboriginal men seated with spears, Konapundi, 24 June, Arukalanda, Mann Ranges, Mt Olga, Paddy, wallaby, Allan Brumby
  • page 26 photograph landscape of porcupine bush and mulga (Acacia aneura), Mt Caroline, Ulkia, Fatty, Harry Lauder, Hoppy, Munkerie, Pagali, Michael Terry (AA 333)
  • page 27 photograph (JA33:174) tracks of Hare Wallaby in sand. Allan Brumby, watty, conka, bindei
  • page 28 mole cricket, Itjaritjara, Photograph (JA33:167) blind marsupial mole (Notoryctes Typhlops), Harry Lauder, Allan Brumby. Photograph Didjerie (Australian Aboriginal boy) with blind mole, Mara Kamka (crow fingers), Villa d'Este
  • page 29 photograph (JA33:60) Didjerie's mother carrying him. Photograph (JA33:100) Australian Aboriginal woman carrying baby on her back and wooden bowl on her head. Photograph two Australian Aboriginal women departing with smouldering fire sticks, Didjerie's mother carrying him on her back, both carrying wooden bowl on their heads
  • page 30 photograph Harry Lauder sharpening spear point against sole of foot, wearing wide head band seated before fire. Allan Brumby, spears are made from witchetty bush or Tecoma bush
  • page 31 photograph Australian Aboriginal boy under mulga bush, Mt Caroline, Musgrave Ranges, 29 June, camp eight. Photograph camel train, Jimmy, Allan Brumby, Paddy, Munkerie wearing trousers
  • page 32 photograph Pudalja camp eight water hole. Photograph Didjerie's mother filling mimbu at soak, Fatty behind her. Photograph (JA33:99) Didjerie's mother with wooden bowl on head. Pital, camp nine, Fatty, 30 June, Musgrave Ranges, country pereplaned
  • page 33 witchetty grub, Markgo ilkoaru, Acacia kempeana. Photograph (JA33:64) Australian Aboriginal girl digging for rabbit. Photograph (JA33:90) makgo in tree roots which have been split to expose the grubs
  • page 34 monkey nuts. Photograph two Australian Aboriginal children digging for grubs in the stump of a Kurrajong tree. Photograph Australian Aboriginal man carrying a cat (putsy katta) by a stick through its back legs and ear. Pagali
  • page 35 NB Tindale. Cassia, plumbago, emu poison bush (Duboisia Hopwoodii), effect on camels, Prof. Hicks, 30 June camp ten Umbukulu, measured natives (Australian Aboriginal people), bats, H Hartridge
  • page 36 photograph Australian Aboriginal man on top of a ridge near Umbukula. 3 July camp eleven Wallal, Mr Browny, achrondoplasia, dog scalps, Fatty, possums, Marchegg, Harry Lauder, Allan Brumby
  • page 37 Mann Range, College Glen, photograph (JA33:20) camel train passing though desert oaks (Casuarina Decaisneana), Hoppy, NB Tindale (AA 338), cEvelyn. Photograph camels resting
  • page 38 group photograph Australian Aboriginal women and children warming themselves around a small fire. Two photographs the same Australian Aboriginal man; standing and sitting, showing his scars and elaborate hair arrangement decorated with a bone and bird down (Panache!). He sometimes wore white owl feathers each side of his forehead
  • page 39 4 July. Mt Charles, kangaroo rat, Pitji-fatji. Damper, 5 July camp thirteen Angalta Kjtjara. Photograph (JA33:50) group of Australian Aboriginal people seated on a rock, Pagali on the right, the others are Maritchus people
  • page 40 photograph (JA33:94) Australian Aboriginal man drinking from a water hole. Poka, camp fourteen. Photograph landscape taken from a hill
  • page 41 Allan Brumby, photograph showing low lying smoke above the campsite, Wedge tail eagles
  • page 42 group photograph Australian Aboriginal people many carrying wooden bowls on their heads. Musical notes demonstrating a woman's lament for a dead child, 'Marie Rose'
  • page 43 photograph (JA33: 38) closeup of Australian Aboriginal man with hair and beard decorated with red ochre
  • page 44 photograph old Australian Aboriginal man seated making a womera. Photograph (JA33: 55) Australian Aboriginal woman nursing a child, and close up of the child
  • page 45 group photograph (JA33: 54) Australian Aboriginal people round the fire, a child on the ground, Morpheus
  • page 46 photograph (JA33: 31) Australian Aboriginal girl with hair tangles ending in gum buds. Photograph (JA33: 66) closeup attaching gum buds to hair, photograph (JA33: 63) two Australian Aboriginal girls
  • page 47 group photograph three Australian Aboriginal girls near a fence. Group photograph (JA33: 68) seated Australian Aboriginal women, pitchery (pituri). Photograph Nicotiana plant
  • page 48 photograph (JA33: 76) Australian Aboriginal woman smeared with yellow ochre, Jimmy. Group photograph (JA33: 74) Australian Aboriginal women in meeting. Group photograph (JA33: 77) two Australian Aboriginal women 'play fighting' with mulga sticks
  • page 49 marriage. Group photograph (JA33: 73) seated Australian Aboriginal people. 'Invisible man' (HG Wells), Roper River, Groote Eylandt (annotated "I would omit this now") Kangaroo
  • page 50 Group photograph three Australian Aboriginal men with spears and dead kangaroos. Photograph closeup of dead kangaroo and spear. Group photograph (JA33: 81) Australian Aboriginal men (some with kangaroo on their head) after a hunt
  • page 51 photograph (JA33: 78) Australian Aboriginal man with dead dingo on his head. Photograph (JA33: 80) seated Australian Aboriginal man with two spears, womera and adze, several dead rabbits lay around the fire. Photograph Australian Aboriginal man cooking a dingo, Allan Brumby
  • page 52 photograph (JA33: 84) Fatty (Australian Aboriginal man) combing wallaby juices into his beard while Marutju (Australian Aboriginal boy) watches. Photograph Marutju (Australian Aboriginal boy) eating
  • page 53 photograph Australian Aboriginal man seated with dogs. Photograph (JA33: 85) Australian Aboriginal man seated in shade, eating. Group photograph (JA33: 42) Fatty and a group of Australian Aboriginal children
  • page 54 photograph rainy season bush shelter, Poka measured 45 natives (Australian Aboriginal people), NB Tindale recorded sociological data, and men made drawings on paper for him. Dr Campbell (AA 52), Dr Grey (AA 111), 480 natives (Australian Aboriginal people) were dealt with, 94 males, 67 women, dolichocephalic, blood grouping
  • This item is Restricted. Page 55 NB Tindale Ceremony. Photograph two Australian Aboriginal men. Camels, marsupial mole, London, Paris, 13 July
  • page 56 Group photograph camel string resting, Trew's Gap. Photograph Pagali and camel string, Allan Brumby, shot birds for Museum ornithologist, bell bird, 'pun pun pullarlar', lark 'chin chilly limpa', Ilbil (Mt Kintore), Mt Crombie, Mt Harriet (Pinandi)
  • page 57 photograph landscape taken from Mt Crombie looking north west, lines of sandhills, kurrajong tree, mulga grass, hare wallabies, bandicoots, dingos, NB Tindale. 19 July Mt Kintore, dry rock hole. Photograph kurrajong tree, diagram of leaf
  • page 58 crows, Allan Brumby, kurrajong seeds used as food by Australian Aboriginal people, grinding stones. Photograph desert oak and Kurrajong trees. Group photograph seated Australian Aboriginal women preparing kurrajong seeds, child with scabs on her body
  • page 59 boomerang legs. Photograph (JA33: 190) Australian Aboriginal boy with Boomerang legs, University of Adelaide grant, Central Australia. Annotation in pencil ("Monograph 1 Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 1936"). 17 July Wiluwilura, Ilbil. Group photograph (JA33: 67) three generations of Australian Aboriginal women. Photograph Australian Aboriginal people and a stick nest rat's nest
  • page 60 photograph Pagali with stick nest rat. Group photograph (JA33: 45) Australian Aboriginal boys playing with porcupine grass flowers and leafs. Group photograph (JA33: 46) Australian Aboriginal boys playing with porcupine grass flowers and leafs
  • page 61 photograph Australian Aboriginal boys speared with porcupine grass toys. Photograph two Australian Aboriginal boys and a giant porcupine grass, Allan Brumby, 20 July Fatty, Harry Lauder
  • page 62 Mt Harriet 22 July, camp twenty three, Konapundi, NB Tindale, Jimmy, camels. Photograph looking north from Mt Harriet towards Mt Caroline, 'white fella inma', 'Hallelujah to the lamb that died on Mount Calbary', Musgrave Ranges. Photograph view of Musgrave Ranges from cEvlyn's back
  • page 63 photograph landscape approaching Konapundi, Jack Anderson. Photograph two Australian Aboriginal women, one carrying a bowl on her head and leading another with a stick. Upsan Downs, 28 July, Camp twenty seven, Vic and Paddy, Ernabella, 8 August, covered 197 miles out and 180 miles return, "500 natives counted"
  • This item is Restricted. Page 64 photograph 'young men playing' Ceremony. Photograph (JA33: 125) Ceremony. Photograph (JA33: 108) Ceremony
  • This item is Restricted. Page 65 photograph (JA33: 114) seated Australian Aboriginal man. Photograph (JA33: 115) Ceremony
  • This item is Restricted. Page 66 Ceremony, Konapundi. Group photograph seated Australian Aboriginal men
  • This item is Restricted. Page 67 group photograph (JA33: 157) Ceremony
  • This item is Restricted. Page 68 photograph (one similar to JA33: 120), Ceremony. NB Tindale
  • This item is Restricted. Page 69 Ceremony
  • page 70 concluding paragraph and signature Cecil J Hackett. A PS notes that the letter and accompanying photographs is definitely not for publication

Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara; Tjalkadjara; Arabana, Jankundjara.

  Creator Cecil John Hackett
Control AA 122/1/1
Date Range 1933 - 1934
Quantity 3.5 cm,
Formats General Correspondence and Mounted Photographic Prints
Inventory Identifier AA 122/1/1
Series AA 122/01