Tindale's Catalogue of Australian Aboriginal Tribes
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Warwa (WA)
LocationOn eastern shores of King Sound from Fraser River to Round Hill, n.n. ['Maria] on Stokes Bay; inland to upper Logue River; on Fitzroy River only to Yeeda; at Derby; north of Meda extending inland about 40 miles (65 km.); eastern and western sections of the tribe almost cut off from each other by movement of Njikena down Fitzroy River before European settlement; contact was maintained only along coastal swamps flooded at high tide (tide rises here up to forty feet (17 m.]). Njikena using English call the western Warwa the 'Little Warwa' and those between Purula (Derby) and Meda the 'Big Warwa.' Some men do not roll the r in their tribal name, thus two forms are given above.
Co-ordinates123°40'E x 17°15'S
Area3,800 sq. m. (9,900 sq. km.)
ReferencesBates, 1914; Capell, 1940, 1952, 1955; Tindale, 1940, 1953 MS; Playford, 1960.
Alternative NamesWaruwa (valid alternative when r not rolled), Warwai, Warrwai, Kolaruma ('coast people'; name given by Ongkomi; in some local languages ['kolar] means west).
This information is reproduced from NB Tindale's Aboriginal Tribes of Australia (1974). Please be aware that much of the data relating to Aboriginal language group distribution and definition has undergone revision since 1974. Please note also that this catalogue represents Tindale's attempt to depict Aboriginal tribal distribution at the time of European contact.

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