Tindale's Catalogue of Australian Aboriginal Tribes
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Wakaja (NT)
LocationSoudan, Avon Downs, Camooweal, Yelvertoft, Flora Downs, Austral Downs, and the parallel sandhill country to the west of the Ranken River as far as the Frew River; on Buckley, James, and Ranken rivers, also on the Georgina River north of Lake Nash.
Co-ordinates137°20'E x 20°20'S
Area15,000 sq. m. (29,000 sq. km.)
ReferencesStirling, 1891 MS; Parry-Okeden, 1897; Roth, 1897, 1903; Glissan in Mathews, 1899 (Gr. 6445), 1900 (Gr. 6575), 1901 (Gr. 6453), 1905 (Gr. 6454), 1908 (Gr. 6578); Spencer and Gillen, 1899; Eylmann, 1908; C. Strehlow, 1910; Tindale, 1940, and MS; Capell, 1965; C. Berndt, 1965.
Alternative NamesWagaja, Waggaia, Wagai, Waagai, Wagaiau, Waagi, Warkya, Wogaia, Worgaia, Worgai, Workaia, Warkaia, Workia, Workii, Woorkia, Lee-wakya, Akaja (of Kaititj), Ukkia, Arkiya.
This information is reproduced from NB Tindale's Aboriginal Tribes of Australia (1974). Please be aware that much of the data relating to Aboriginal language group distribution and definition has undergone revision since 1974. Please note also that this catalogue represents Tindale's attempt to depict Aboriginal tribal distribution at the time of European contact.

Collection AA108 Francis James Gillen

Collection AA309 Sir Edward Charles Stirling

Collection AA338 Norman Barnett Tindale