Tindale's Catalogue of Australian Aboriginal Tribes
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Tjapukai (QLD)
LocationBarron River from south of Mareeba to Kuranda; north toward Port Douglas on the plateau south of and to the east of Mareeba; their western boundary followed the margin of the rain forest from Tolga north to Mount Molloy; rain forest dwellers; 7 on NE map. With disappearance of coastal Irukandji, the Tjapukai had by 1952 come to claim as theirs the coastal strip between Cairns Inlet and Lamb Range, with one horde living near Redlynch. Plates 43 and 44 are relevant.
Co-ordinates145°30'E x 16°50'S
Area300 sq. m. (800 sq. km.)
ReferencesMeston, 1889; Parry-Okeden, 1897; McConnel, 1931, 1939-1940; Hale and Tindale, 1933; Davidson, 1938; Sharp, 1939; Tindale, 1940; Flecker, 1952; Dixon, 1966; West, pers. comm.
Alternative NamesTjapukandji (valid variant), Tja:pukanja, Tjabogai-tjandji, Tjabogai-tjanji, Tcabogai-tjanji, Toabogai-tjani (typographical error), Tjabogaijanji, Dyabugandyi, Dyabugay, Tapelcay, Tuffelcey (probable misreading of old handwriting), Koko-njunkulu (northern term), Koko-nyungalo, Koko Tjumbundji (Kokojelandji term), Hileman (lapsus calami), Njakali (Buluwai terrn), Nyakali, Barron River dialect (Meston), Binggu (Redlynch horde).
This information is reproduced from NB Tindale's Aboriginal Tribes of Australia (1974). Please be aware that much of the data relating to Aboriginal language group distribution and definition has undergone revision since 1974. Please note also that this catalogue represents Tindale's attempt to depict Aboriginal tribal distribution at the time of European contact.

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