Tindale's Catalogue of Australian Aboriginal Tribes
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Ngolibardu (WA)
LocationFrom the Paterson Range south to Rudall River; east only to Mount Broadhurst Range and Rooney Creek; west to Throssell Range; westernmost water, on fringe of Niabali country, was Wongarlong, n.n. ['Wangali:na]; the tribe was said to be declining even before European times and is now almost extinct; its territory was usurped by the Njangamarda and Kartudjara moving respectively west and north more than fifty years ago. Their waterhole of final refuge in drought was ['Kalamilji] on Rudall River. Key waters were ['Mantamara] (Mandamadda Pool on maps), ['Waritjawa], an unlocalized place west of there ['Janda-ko:tji], ['Wadurara] (Watrara Pool), and ['Punamalaru] (Poonemerlarra Soak). The people were subjected to a feverish sickness about the year 1900 which killed a great many of them and hastened their virtual extinction. See further notes under the Njangamarda heading.
Co-ordinates122°0'E x 22°15'S
Area3,300 sq. m. (8,600 sq. km.)
ReferencesTindale, 1953 MS.
Alternative NamesTjilakurukuru (regional name for their country).
This information is reproduced from NB Tindale's Aboriginal Tribes of Australia (1974). Please be aware that much of the data relating to Aboriginal language group distribution and definition has undergone revision since 1974. Please note also that this catalogue represents Tindale's attempt to depict Aboriginal tribal distribution at the time of European contact.

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