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SAMA 892  Bernard Charles Cotton

Dates  2 February 1905 - 3 May 1966

Bernard Charles Cotton was born on 2 February 1905 in Sheffield, England and was educated at Abeyfield House, Abeyfield, Sheffield.

On 15 October 1923, Cotton was appointed as a class 5 cadet commencing on a salary of £60 soon after migrating to South Australia. His initial duty was to assist Sir Joseph Verco (see AA 504 ) with the unidentified mollusca and prepare a card catalogue. Aided by Verco, The SAM was able to secure the Lewis May (Cotton was sent to Tasmania in 1929 to supervise the packing and transportation of the collection) and Elizah Henry Matthews collections. These collections along with Verco's donation of his own formed the basis of the conchology collection. As assistant conchologist and photographer (appointed in 1928), of the May collection. Cotton was appointed Conchologist in 1934 and later became Curator of Molluscs. In 1943, Cotton was able to provide suggestions to 'Army Inventions Directorate' on the prevention of ship hull fouling by marine growth, particularly on sea plane floats. Cotton retired due to ill health in 1962. He was survived by his wife and two daughters.

Cotton was a Fellow of the Royal Society from 1929, Member of Council 1943-46 and 1948-49, Vice-President 1949-50, 1951-52, President 1950-51 and Programme Secretary 1959-1962.

Cotton published 151 papers as well as contributing to 4 volumes of the 'Handbooks of the Flora and Fauna of South Australia'.

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