AA 8  George French Angas  Guide to Records
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Series AA8/05
Australian Watercolours - Unpublished
Quantity1 Watercolour
ProvenanceGeorge French Angas
ArrangedNumerical. Imposed by Archives

Inventory Listing


'Henry Robinson' 'John Harris' 'William Waikai'


Original Watercolour
There is one original watercolour within frame. Titles are as follows

  1. Henry Robinson. Port Stephens
  2. John Harris. The Port Stephen's Pilot
  3. William Waikai. Port Stephens
  4. Signed by Angas (Frame signature may not be Angas' own signature, writing differs and the F is written facing left instead of right.)


    Previous Accession Number 1606

  Creator George French Angas
Control AA8/5/1
Quantity 1 Watercolour 33.5x39cm; Mount 51x68.5cm Inventory Identifier AA8/5/1
Series AA8/05