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Series AA689/10
Data analysis relating to the fieldwork of the Harvard and Adelaide Universities, 1938-1939 and University of California Los Angeles expedition, 1952-1954.
Date Range1938 - 1954, Dates in annotations
Quantity312 cm, 17 boxes
ProvenanceDr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell

This series consists of data analysis and data processing relating to the Harvard and Adelaide Universities expedition, 1938-1939 and the University of California Los Angeles expedition, 1952-1954. These results were published in Birdsell, JB 1993 Microevolutionary patterns in Aboriginal Australia: a gradient analysis of clines. Oxford Universitey Press, New York.

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AA 689/10

Data Analysis


This series contains 260 items consisting of coded data cards, punch data cards from the 'Health Sciences Computing Facility UCLA 1953-', seriations and descriptive statistics of anthropometric observations, summary tables and notes. An index detailing the contents of items 1-260 exists within the series.

Items also relates to Birdsell's unfinished 'Man-Land' project as well as Birdsell's 'Universal Cranial Series.'

  Creator Dr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell
Control AA 689/10
Date Range 1938 - 1954, dates in annotatioms
Quantity 312 cm, 17 boxes
Inventory Identifier AA 689/10
Series AA689/10