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Series AA689/08
Figures for publication
Quantity124 cm, 9 boxes and folders
ProvenanceDr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell

This item contains figure for publication many of which relates to Birdsell, JB 1993 Microevolutionary patterns in Aboriginal Australia: a gradient analysis of clines. Oxford Universitey Press, New York.

These figures include maps, graphs and drawings on cardboard, paper, photographic film and photographic paper.

Inventory Listing

AA 689/8

Figures for Publications

  1. 4 large clinal maps on cardboard.
  2. 200 clinal maps, lettraset on cardboard. Figures from Birdsell, JB 1993.
  3. 20 figures, maps, drawings, graphs, lettraset on cardboard.
  4. 40 drawings of human crania-Australian (various regions), Chinese- Zhoukoutien; New Britain; European-Combe Capelle; Indonesian-Wadjak 1. This item consists of 38 drawings on cardboard and 2 on paper. Some have been drawn by NB Tindale (see AA 338).
  5. 56 drawings of crania - Australian (various regions) on paper.
  6. 44 drawings and maps relating to anthropology, printed and hand drawn.
  7. 36 graphs relating to anthropology.
  8. 11 maps relating to climate and ecology, printed on paper.
  9. 164 maps relating to climate and ecology. Copies of Birdsell's maps (see AA 689/7) printed on photographic paper.
  10. 173 maps, graphs and diagrams relating to anthropology, population genetics, demography, printed on photographic paper.
  11. 130 clinal maps, photocopied from Birdsell, JB 1993.
  12. 125 clinal maps, photocopied from Birdsell, JB 1993.
  13. 150 clinal maps, printed on photographic paper.
  14. 155 clinal maps, printed on photographic paper.
  15. 4 maps and graphs on rolled sheets of paper.
  16. 1 bound green 'Maps and Graphs from Joseph B Birdsell Illustrating Physical Characteristics of the Australian Aborigines. Received from him at Palo Alto on 17 March 1987. Listed on page 156 of NB Tindale's Canberra and California Journal volume 12. They represent part of the more than 150 maps and graphs prepared by Birdsell for data derived from the work of the Harvard and Adelaide Universities expedition.'
  17. Folders containing figures for publication, on sheet film or photographic paper. Most appear to figures in preparation for publication, Birdsell, JB 1993. The figures pertain to: Morphology, Ecology, Birdsell's 'Man-Land' Project, Niah Cranium, Clines, Metrical Gradients, Dental, Gene Frequency, Serology and Birdsell's 'Tribal Series.' This item consists of four volumes of folders.
  Creator Dr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell
Control AA 689/8
Quantity 9 boxes and folders Inventory Identifier AA 689/8
Series AA689/08