AA 338  Dr Norman Barnett Tindale  Guide to Records
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Series AA338/27
Bibliography of Norman B Tindale's journal publications, 1922-1965
Date Range1922 - 1965
Quantity0.01 cm, 1 typescript sheets
ProvenanceDr Norman Barnett Tindale

The list of journal publications was compiled by Norman B Tindale.


Inventory Listing

AA 338/27/1

'Bibliography of Norman B. Tindale, 1922 -'


The bibliography that dates from 1922 to 1965 was typed onto 15 A4 sheets. An additional page 9 was typed onto a foolscap sheet and possibly part of previous or subsequent bibliography. The foolscap page 9 has been added at the end.

  Creator Dr Norman Barnett Tindale
Control AA 338/27/1
Date Range 1922 - 1965
Quantity 16 15 A4 and 1 foolscap typescript sheets
Formats Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier AA 338/27/1
Series AA338/27