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Series AA 333/05
Log books
Date Range1923 - 1936
ProvenanceMichael Terry

The log books come in a variety of sizes and types. All document various expeditions, people met, places visited, and type of transport (eg camel, motor cycle, truck etc).

Inventory Listing

AA 333/5/1

Log book Winton to Broome 1923


Black 110x175 mm note book commenes with joint (Terry/Yockney) bank account details January 23 to March 21 and details various aspects of expedition finances

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/1
Date Range 1923
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/1
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/2

Expedition log book Winton to Broome (1)


Red 115x180 mm A-Z notebook used as running diary 6 February 1923 to 2 September. Corella homestead, Winton. Finishes near Galah Hole as directed by Braitling, apparently on foot without food or water. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 6 February Dick, Corella, Nutall, Mrs Austin, Willia Winkie, Leeson, Bode, Brisbane, Cockatoo Dam, Wilton, Coopers, Kyun , Charles Garvice, Egan, opal country
  • 1 March Ayshire Downs, Werra Creek, Wilton, Kymunga, Scotts Yards, Dicks Creek, Diamantina River, topaz specimen, McKinlay, Strathfield, Olive, Tall Tall
  • 1 April Strathfillan, McIntyre, Fullerton River, Jeffrey, Cloncurry, Ooridi, Elrose, Pring, Winburg, Herbert
  • 1 May Terry's 24th birthday 3 May, Undana, Afghans garden on Copper Mine Creek, Malbow, Bushy Park, 3 July Cammoweal, crossed over to the Territory, Avon Downs, Rankin River, Alexandria Station, Schmidt, 8 July list of mileages travelled between Winton and Alray, Bennett, Anthonys Lagoon, Frank Blond
  • 6 August Newcastle Waters, buffalo, Eva Downs, description Newcastle Waters Station, Constable Lovegrove, Charlotte Waters, Lucie Peacock. Miss Nicholson, Murranji water holes, 13 August "A Mc D" blazed on tree, native well, Braitling, Yellow water holes, crossed 'the jump up', Muggletons yard, Armstrong River, 18 August tree blazed "Terry & Yaknuy 17.8.23", Victoria River Downs Station, Montijuny, Pigeon Holes, Curranjackey Creek, Wave Hill Station, Armstrong River, Galah water hole, Longreach, Winton, McRae, Vestys, Halls Creek, Farquarsons, details of Wave Hill Station, Grave Creek, Swan River, 31 August crossed into WA, Wallamingat, Gordon Downs, Mt Wollison
  • 1 September continued walking

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/2
Date Range 1923
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/2
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/3

Expedition log book Winton to Broome (2)


Black 100x160 mm notebook commences 3 September still desperate. Seperated from Yockney at a native water hole, Margie, grass hoppers for supper, found near Gordon Downs. Finishes near Roebuck Plains 8 October. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 3 September two loose leaves, native well, Mulla Bulla, "black tracker", Kemp, Dick, Egan, Lisa (truck), Halls Creek, H Harper, 1886 gold, dog proof fence, Frank Taylor, Mr Walch, Margaret River Station, Cox, Louisa River, Dublin Museum, the oil bore, Jenny Kimberly Oil Co, Nura Nura, Mt Anderson, Derby, Alec Scott, Mother Hackett, Port Hotel, Sam Weycott, Joe Griffitin, Geraldton, Broome, Bertha, Jock Campbell, Dick Allen, Newcastle Waters, Oodnadatta
  • 1 October Fitzroy River, Broome, Dave Harrison, Streeters Station, Roeburn Plains, remainder taken up with various lists and hand drawn map Derby to Broome

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/3
Date Range 1923
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/3
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/4

Expedition log book Darwin to Broome (1)


Red 'Where is it?' note book 105x160 mm. Fly leaf marked "Kept by CF Syme engineer to Terry Expedition". Commences 24 July motor cars (Maildma, Gwalowa) Katherine to Nanbulloo, and motor bike. Finishes 16 November at Broome. Incorporates cartoon of six wheel car and 2 wheel trailer. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 24 July notes on truck maintenance, Katherine to Nanbulloo, Bull Creek, Wundulla
  • 1 August Nellies Hole, Armstrong River, Monteguine, Lonely Creek, Townsend Creek, King Creek, Campfield River, Breakdown Creek, Wave Hill, Swan Creek, Inverway Station, Wallamunge, 4 September crossed border into NT, Salt Lagoon, Mr Morag, Sweet Water, Soakage Creek homestead, Gordon Downs, Wolf River, Lake Streach, Billilbura
  • 1 October Werriadow, Guida, Twin Heads, Godfreys Tank, Kunningarra, Mt Cosuch, Lake Streach, Beam Desert homestead, Darcys homestead, Bookys, Mt Dockerel, Lambo homestead, Margaret homestead, Coris homestead, Point Springs, Scotts Hotel, Fitzroy Crossing, Jubilee Station, Quamber homestead, Upper Liveringa homestead, Broome

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/4
Date Range 1925
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/4
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/5

Expedition log book Darwin to Broome (2)


Mottled brown 175x225 mm note book commences 26 July Katherine to Manbullo Station, finishes 21 November at Broome. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 26 July Katherine, Manbullo Station, Emurgalan, Savage & Wynne, Sportsmans Arms Hotel, Mrs Gunn, Dry River, Bull Creek, car fire, Jolly, Lake Wunalla, Little, Armstrong River, donkey team, Allen, Murray, Perth, Reg, Bert, Australian Aboriginal woman
  • 1 August Jock, big ant hills to 12 foot, eclipse of the moon, Melbourne radio, bronze wing pigeons, Jack Trent, Coolibar Creek, Nellys Hole, whistling duck, pelicans, Pear Tree Creek, native cat, Jolly, Barclay Tableland, Toby, green Parrakeets , grey cockatoo, gallahs, native companions, ibis, mussel shells, Ilawarra Creek, Jack Carpenter, Billy Braitling, landing ground for airplanes, barramundi, deer released 1912, Jack Gallagher, Fred Smith, kangaroo rats, Top Spring, Murranji River, Wave Hill, Bert, cotton, list of fruit and vegetables grown, Monteguini, Victoria River, mica, rain making ceremony, fossilised ferns, King Creek, Stidland, Little, kingfishers, Mt Northcot, Jurdah Soak, Easton, Seven Sisters, butcher bird, turkeys, Breakdown Creek, Ted Stidland, 1924 flood, Canberra homestead, Bert Long, Australian Aboriginal people, cinefilm, Tanami, walled cemetry, no grave stones, Soakage Creek, 'the ragged 13', food poisoning, violet stained quartz, Grave Creek
  • This item is restricted. 1 September Bert Long, cinefilm of camp and pandanus fire, blazed tree, Swan Creek, Joe Brown, 'the ragged 13', Bob Bulton, Tom Nugent, Banka-Banka Station, Warburtons Swamp 1921, Barrow Creek, Tennants Creek, Farquarson 1896, Creswell near Anthonys lagoon, Wallamunga, crossed into WA 4 September, Halls Creek, Loder, Flora Valley, Constable Flinders, Kilmarten, writing news paper articles, Prescot, Redknap, Syme, Jolly, Charlie Cobcraft, Braeside, Marble Bar, Johanna Springs, Tom Laurie, Tom Cole, Wyckhams Lake 1907, Tanami, gnamma holes, Dick Kilmartin, Gordon, Sedatory, Boxer (Australian Aboriginal man) 1925, Canning Stock route 1911, Thompson and Shoesmith murdered by Aboriginal people at No 37 well (Liberal), Jimmy Wyckham, Leichardt, Moola Bolla, Swan, Liveringa, Giles, Gory, Mt Wiltinoon, Billiluna Station, Dick Kilmartin, Kimberley (Australian Aboriginal man), Dick Rowan, filmed Australian Aboriginal people, Godfreys Tank, J Condon, Tim Sullivan, two men murdered by Banjo (Australian Aboriginal man) in 1922, description of ceremony, description of area around Billiluna
  • 1 October Dane Bickley, FJ Rowan, Kimberley (Australian Aboriginal man) making glass spear head, Gregorys Sea 1854, George Trenwith, Flinders, Salt Pan Creek, Canning Stock Route, Urlyelyea, Noble and Wallaby (Australian Aboriginal men), Dick Rowan, Weiaddo, "Blacks drawings" (Australian Aboriginal people), Twin Heads, Minnie Range, Freeman C, Piccanimic (Australian Aboriginal man), seed grinding stones, Breadens Pool, Mt Cornish, hand drawn map for area Twin Heads, Weriaddo area 16 October, Lake Streach, Beaudesert, Weaver and Trenmouth 1921, Ruby Plains, D'Arcy and Oliver, Dane Oliver, Halls Creek, gold 27 October, J Byers, Syme onyx, Mt Dockevil, Butterfly (Australian Aboriginal man)
  • 1 November Hang Man Creek, Margaret River Station, Cox, Pond Springs, Black Hills, Mrs Bell, Mr Warner, film Giki Gorge, G Jolly, Jubilee, Quanbrin, Hymes, Mt Anderson, GA Rose, Toby filmed cave, Grant Range, Yeeda, Tambulbudee, Fitzroy River, alligators, Broome, Roebuck Plains

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/5
Date Range 1925
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/5
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/6

Expedition truck log Port Hedland to Melbourne kept by J Keyser engineer to Terry expedition (1)


Grey-black 125x80 mm note book with 'ties' writing on flysheet undecipherable, commences 8 May with 2 Morris six wheel trucks (Terry and Campbell truck 1, Birks and Officer truck 2). Port Hedland to Adelaide 10 December having travelled 4446 miles. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/6
Date Range 1928
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/6
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/7

Expedition truck log Port Hedland to Melbourne kept by J Keyser engineer to Terry expedition (2)


Mottled 125x300 mm note book commences 9 November. Finishes 19 December at Millicent. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 9 November Campbell, Saxby, Rabbit Flat, Hood Halls Creek, the Battery, sun spot visable 10 November, Stafford, Mathews ill ? Contaminated water, white owl, Jardayarda, native well and decorated rocks, Brooks Soak, wedge tailed eagle, green ring necked parrots, ibis, O'Neil, Constable Murray said to have shot 6 Australian Aboriginal people, Dug McDonell, Joe Brown, Tilmouth shot Australian Aboriginal man, Tom Moore, Ryans Well, Coniston, M Killeen, Sam Nicker, Wangabuddi, Connors Well, Alice Springs 26 November, Mrs Meyers, Cawood, Noblett re registration of cars, Kilgariff, Alice Well, Horseshoe Bend, Mears, Stint, Andrew, O'Connor from Petermann Ranges, Afghan crossing, Reynolds, New Crown Point, Hamilton Bore, reported arrival at border to SA Police, Wallis Fogarty, Dr Teigh
  • 1 December departed for Marree, Edwards Creek, G Ballerg, Alagibuckina, Anna Creek, William Creek, Coward Springs, Marree, Quorn, Marree Coffee Palace, Robin Rushdall, Copley, Beltana, Hawker, Carrington, 4500 miles round trip, proceed to Melbourne from Mt Gambier 19 December

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/7
Date Range 1928
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/7
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/8

Expedition truck log Port Hedland to Melbourne kept by J Keyser engineer to Terry expedition (3)


Blue mottled 200x250 mm note book commences 9 May Port Hedland Leslie Napier Birks, Officer, Campbell, finishes 8 November Turney, Keyser, North depart for Tanami. Last page incorporates a list of names: WM Marks, CR McKellar, E Brown, Critchley-Parker, LJ Goldby, Walis Foggarty, Major HA Corbet, Roland S Browne. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 10 May Stuart De Guymar Station, Pardoo, Panaka, Brong, Paragiddi, Caramaya (Australian Aboriginal tribal groups), rabbit proof fence, Broom gold, Watson Airways, H Lacy, Wollal, Warrawajine, Birks, aerial survey, James Woods, Dingo Billy (Australian Aboriginal man), Tom Cole, Halls Creek, Nalgie, Jack Cole, Moolgin, Overland Telegraph, Eil Eil, black cockatoos, ibis, Ernest, green parakeets, Anna Plains, gnamma holes, Mount Morris, Grant Spring, Bohemia, sandalwood, MacRobersons party, Rex King, Goldyers Well, Broome
  • 1 June RAF Far East Flight (Flying boats), GC Care Brownlane, Coventry Motors, Captain Goldie MIO, Dun Kelly, Derby, article for Herald newspaper, Mr Adolphus Peter Elkin, Wyndham, Rothschild, SS Kirlinda, Keyser, Officer, Bereford E Bardwell, mulberries, Deep Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Nelialublica, alligators, Mt Anderson, cave drawings, Noonankanbah, Alec Scott, Henwood, Tim Cole, Upper Liverimga, ladybird, Brooking Station, Gei Kio Gorge, Sam Copley, Leichardt trees, developed photographs, Constable Clarke, Fossil Danes Gate, Campbell, Morgans Grave, Port Springs, donkey team, JE Thompson, Margaret River, FG Booty, Lodestone Hill, sandalwood, Cattle Commission, Hangman Creek, gold colors, Saidan Creek, Mt Boorett, Pippingarra rams, Moola Boola, Mary River Slucing Co, Paddy Quilty, Harry Richards, Larry Sinclair, Jack Fox, Tom Laurie, Ted North
  • 1 July Flora Valley, Ted Slictland, Gordon Downs, correllas, Healing, Wyndham, Tanami, Jack Barry, Warden Hood, 8 July crossed into Northern Territory, Gardner Range, Constable Toohey, Tent Hill gold belt, Emu Syndicate party, Joe Brown, felspar, wild pheasants , Jack Laurie, Braitlings, Wave Hill, Charora rock hole, butcher birds, graphite, Bunker Hill, Corkscrew claim
  • 1 August Campbell, North, Corkscrew claim, Officer, Keyser, Davidson, Gus Petersen, Albert Schultz, Bunker Hill 1925, Bob Muir, Darwin, Green Swamp, Grave Creek, Stewart, Murphy, Bert Cost, The Granites 1919, The Golden Hole, Australian Aboriginal drawings, Cecil Hanbury, Tanami, native cat, Alice Springs, gold 9 August, Joe Brown, O'Neil party, 'Liberty Hotel', Jim O'Neil, Dan McGillick, Bry Tom, Australian Aboriginal people, stores summary 13 August, warden Hood, pegging leases, Thompson, Young, Joe Brown, plan of Ivy claim, Irene Vanbrugh, Halls Creek, Jardayda Soak, Jack Young, Thompsons rockhole, Dug McDowall, list of stores dumped in various places 26 August, albino Australian Aboriginal person, Fred Brooks murdered, Joe Brown died of beri-beri, Tilmouth, Mrs Turner, Napperby, Mt Barkly
  • 1 September Randal Stafford, Saxby, Mucka, Alex Ross, Dr Charles Chewings (AA 59), various mileages, Jack Hausel, Mathews, Chapman, Jimmy Myckham, pig weed seed, Connors Well, Burt Well, Ben Nicker, Joe Brown, the Stuart Arms, Kilgarif, drawing of claim layout, list of load weights, sample bags to Melbourne, Officer left for Oodnadatta, developed photographs, PC Woodcock, Nugget Morton, Alec Thauson, Alec Wilson, albino Australian Aboriginal woman, list of location of rock holes 19 September, Charles Benjamin Matthews, Cawood, Ryans Well, Napperby, Staffords, stores lists 28 September, Billy Buscoe, Saxby, Fred Brooks, Crown Creek, Turner, North, kangaroo rat, Cockatoo Hill
  • 1 October Tanami Jimmy (Australian Aboriginal man), Corkscrew claim, Bunker Hill, O'Neil, Saxton, North, Campbell, Keyser, Matthews, Ivy, Simon Rieff, long tailed lizard, painted finch, brief biography Edward Turner 30 October
  • 1 November list of 'nick names', George Burke 1923 prospect, prospecting completed packed up, departed for Tanami. Remainder (4 pages) calculations on various matters

Tindale Tribes: Pangkala.

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/8
Date Range 1928
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/8
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/9

Expedition log 1928 Tanami notes, 1931 Tomkinson Ra notes and cuting trips log, 1932 2nd part of daily entry log


Grey cover with brown leather stitched reinforcing 130x80 mm note book. Starting with sun altitude readings and then 15 September Gerldandu by camel. Entries are spasmodic, not daily. Then goes 'Daily travel log Emu Expedition 1932, book 2 12 October Weird Blood, finishes Laverton. Starting from back of book gives undated places and bearings. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/9
Date Range 1928 - 1932
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/9
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/10

Expedition truck log Petermann Ranges 1930 Scouting trips logs


Black 130x82 mm book with ties. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

Store weights at Soakage lists food, 4 July 1928 weights at Djordond, hand drawn maps and travel directions.

  • daily entries not dated and few place names given. Many geological features noted and described. Chinside Creek, McCulloch, Murgorana, 9 September Blood Ranges, Piltadinnya. This section finished with a page of 'analysis'
  • back of book commences with list of stores (both food and fuel etc)

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/10
Date Range 1928 - 1930
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/10
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/11

Expedition truck log Davenport Ranges Jan-Feb 1930


Blue mottled 175x220 mm note book with inside cover annotated "The log of Michael Terry under commission by the Emu Mining Co NL Brookmans Building Adelaide 1930" and opposite "Water in Lake Syme p 41". Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 17 January Adelaide by train to Marree, George Murray, Hendersons Criterion Hotel, Quorn, Farina, Alice Springs, Rumbalara, Finke River, Port Augusta, Murray, Morris, Oodnadatta, Cecil Thomas Madigan (AA 202) and Dr Herbert Basedow (AA 22), Ayers Rock, Bull Mitchell, Gus Elliott, Horseshoe Bend, Rumbalara, sandalwood, Gene French, J Willis, W Fox, Tanami, Mrs Sydney Staines, Erldunda Station, Alice Well, Arltunga, Fence Hole, Elkidra Station, Barrow Creek, followed by a hand drawn map, article for Herald, Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62), Jack Carter, Blanco Smith, Inveorray, Maryvale Station, Mrs Meyers, Jim O'Neil, Jervois Range, Colin Hainer, Wallis Fogarty, Nicker, Ryans Well, Jack Young, Barrow Creek, Sol Green, Tom Siranson, Woodforde Creek, yams, Claude Halpin, Wauchop, wolfram
  • 1 February Tanami, Taylor Creek, Wycliffe Well, Billy Braitling, Murray Downs, Jack Young, Gepp, Wyckham, Barrarly Wauchope, Murray Downs, Hatchers Creek, Fred Harris, sandalwood, Harrois, Bleechmore, Fence Hole, Barrow Creek, George Murray, Teatree Well, 11 February list of mileage travelled todate, Burt Well, David Douglas Smith, Wallis Foggarty, Carrington, Gus Brandt, Frank Russell, Alice Springs to Teatree, Tom Russell, Skinners Belt, Barrow Creek, Johnsons Hole, Mrs Meyers, George Murray, Mr Underdown, Will Fox, Alice Springs, Charlie Maynard, Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62), Miller, Maryvale, Gus Elliott, Marree, Lake Eyre visable, Frome River, Quorne. Narrative ceases page 42
  • Correspondence copy commenced page 76: report 3 March 1930 addressed Emu Mining (4) pages followed by progress reports. Correspondence 22 February 1930 addressed Admely Pty Ltd. Correspondence dated 14 February 1930 addressed Emu Mining together with progress reports. Correspondence 1 February 1930 addressed JH Young. Correspondence 29 January 1930 addressed Emu Mining together with progress reports.Correspondence 24 January 1930 addressed Emu Mining. Correspondence 21 January 1929 (/ 1930) addressed Emu Mining

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/11
Date Range 1930
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/11
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/12

Expedition truck log Tanami April - May 1930


Green 220x255 mm 'Graphic pen carbon book' with inside covers annotatted "Log of Michael Terry in central Australia for Admelsy Pty Ltd Melbourne" setting out stores and costs. First entry contents of a telegram of authority. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 17 April 1930 Anderson, Tanami, Stephens, cooperation between Hanlons West and Admelsy, Alice Springs, Officer, Bruce, Osborne, Wills, Claxton, Clarke, Quorn, Alec S Paterson, Rumbalara, Will Fox, Jim Lackman, JH Beale, Farina, Oodnadatta, Rice, Toco Ranges, Bedowrie, Mrs Campbell, Billy Braithling, Brimsmead, Kookaburra airplane, Jarett, Mrs Kilgarif, FR Jaques, Walt, Beckett, Hebbard, Percy Chabalkai, Mt Gilan
  • 1 May Phil Windle, Dr Merion, Mrs Meyers, Hebbard, Beckett, Walt, Clutterbuck, Claxton, Napperby, T Cole, Mt Matthews, Cockatoo Creek, Mt Saxby, Thomsons rockhole, Halls Creek, Tom Laurie, "Fat Arse", Tommy, Cockalilli, Miller (Australian Aboriginal men), yams, Beckett, photographed the battery, Paterson, Peel, Atherton, Clutterbuck, Wave Hill, Lynch, Red Hill, Ivy Leases, Stephens, DeBarry Hills, 'laterite jump up', Shepperds Knoll, drought between Lander Creek and Tanami, Cockatoo Creek, Mick Henman, Napperby, Ryans Well, Alice Springs, Mrs Meyers, Claxton, Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62), Mrs Campbell, Fletcher, Jervois Range Sliver Co, Mr Brown, Mr French, McMenamin, Willo Fox, New Guinea alluvial gold, Dan Cole, potassium nitrate, Warden Darwin R Purgent, Alec Brown, Dan Hook, Sugar Loaf Reservoir, Sargant Lovegrove, Adelaide 30 May

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/12
Date Range 1930
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/12
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/13

Expedition truck log Endeavour Mining Company NL expedition to Petermann and Tomkinson Ranges 1930 - 1931 Michael Terry leader


Carbon copy typescript filed in manila folder with string ties. Horseshoe Bend 17 July 1930 combined truck and camel train to Oodnadatta 5 January 1931. Expedition comprising M Terry, W Bird, L Bailey, Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62). [This is probably a 'clean' copy of the diary AA 333/5/14 and AA 333/5/15]. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 17 July Rodgers (Farmers Union), Syd Staine, Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62), camels, Jimmy Stokes, Poona Well, Reed, Davis Crossing, Finke River, Chambers Pillar, Bird, Williams, Goyder Springs, Pulcurra Well, Murraturra, Bailey, sandalwood, Mt Connor, Kernot Range, Wilba, Basedow Ranges, native well, Johnnie Frances, Rawson, Overi, Ayers Rock (now known as Uluru), Jimmy Stokes (Australian Aboriginal man), Liddle, local herbage listed 28 July, encouraged by discovery that sandhills are short, Maggie Spring
  • 1 August captured emu chicks as pets at Ayers Rock (now known as Uluru), Gosse, Mt Olga, Mackays landing ground, found camera lost by Morrison of the Argus, Dr Herbert Basedow (AA 22), Mt McCulloch, Bloods Range, Armstrong River, Petermann Ranges, Piltadommya, Irving River, Mt Unapproachable, rock engraving "J Tregurtha 1896, N Davey 1926, WL 7.1927, H Brown 1926, H Oliffe 1926" Myers Rock, Thornycroft, Moth aeroplane, Mt Phillips, Italian bees, wheat seed and grinding stones, Bird, Williams, Bloods Range, galena, chloride of lead, silver, Jervois Range, Mt Kikinuana, malley hen, Docker River, Wooroorinna, Scherin Mural Crescent, Pottoyu Hills, quondongs, iron, Mt Phillips, Irving River
  • 1 September 547 miles from Horseshoe Bend, Kulta-Kood-yarra, Kulta-peela rockhole, Kool-angaka, McKay, George expedition, skeletal remains, Duffield Rocks, Mt Mungorana, Piltadinnya, 8 September pyrities, silver, diorite dykes, native well, Sir J Forrest, Mt Enangana, Katamala, calspar, Piltadinnya, Butlers Dome, Olliffe, Lee and Mitchell, pitcheri, Wells, Forster Cliff, iron, amber quartz, Norsman, Kakannunna soakage, Wells, Gordon Hill, Inkanunna Creek, Opparinna, Britten Jones Creek, diorite dykes
  • 1 October Basedow Ranges, Goyder Springs, 8 October Mrs Staines, JJ Smith, Johansen, Longlegs (Australian Aboriginal man), Tittra Well, Henbury, 16 October Horseshoe Bend, RE Warburton, Middleton Ponds, Bot Buck, Larry Wells, Jim O'Neil, Dan McGillick, Spence Gall, New Crown Station, McLeod, Charlotte Waters, Murray, Alberga River, Oodnadatta, Ly Underdown, Ned Chengs, 18 October Williams called home, Paddy Burns, Louis Bailey, Haig, Vacuum Oil, Darwin, Kingsford Smith, Trooper Virgo, camel train, Lambinna, stores Wallis Foggarty & Co, Cheney and Kodak parcels to be delivered to Mooriltara, Todmorton, Cape Baron geese, French, Sharpe, Granite Downs Station, Mick Donahue, Jim Lennan, Mt Chandler, Bryan Lennan, Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62), Moorilyara, Stan Ferguson, Joe Jury, extract from Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62) diary 15-31 October (camel train)
  • 1 November Baily pulled Edmund Albert Colson's (AA 62) tooth, Ernabella Water Hole, Ferdinand Creek, Tomkinson River, Quest Expedition, Ted Lennan, Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62) diary 4 to 8 October (camel train), Fred Davis, Narrena rockhole, Lungleys Gulley, Quest expedition, Bunday Pass, Lake Wilson dry, Carruther's map, Murru Yilyah belt, Norman, Earl's Find, Mt Davies, iron 26 November crossed into WA, diotite belt
  • 1 December Mt Aloysius, Blackstone Ranges, iron, Terry back injury, 15 December rockhole, inscription on rock 'F Hann 19.11.03 Talbot', Cavenagh Range, Forrest, destination Oodnadatta, Terowie, Mt Davies, Mt Hinckley, crossed back into SA 21 December, Teisi Hill, Mt Pararie, Mann Ranges, Days Gully, Mt Ferdinand
  • 1 January 1931 Ernabella, Mt Chandler, Tom Donahue, Charlie Lister, Granite Downs, Mick Donohue, Billy Bristow, Vic Dumas, Brumby and Brown climbed Ayers Rock (now known as Uluru), Lambinna, Sharp, two Costello brothers, Todmorton, Glover, Sister Benny, Sister Barron, 5 January

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/13
Date Range 1930 - 1931
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/13
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/14

Expedition truck log Petermann to Tomkinson Ranges 1930 - 1931


Blue 185x230 mm note book, fly leaf annotated "The log of Michael Terry leader of Endeavour Mining Co NL Epworth Building Adelaide Expedition to Petermann Ranges 1930. William Williams, WJ Bird and M Terry expeditioners Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62) camelieer July 6 to 13 December. This item has not been comprehensively indexed as it appears to duplicate the entry for AA 333/5/13 and AA 333/5/15. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 6 July Adelaide, Quorn, Clare, Wilmington, Stuart, Mrs Meyers, Petermann Ranges, Horseshoe Bend, expected duration 4 months. Jim O'Neil, Rumbarlar, Harry, Gus Elliott, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Williams, The Ghan, correspondence to Reed, Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62) and camel train, list of camels by name and value, Jimmy Stokes and Mick (Australian Aboriginal men), list of stores and distances between locations, Rodgers (Farmers Union), Erlunda, Chambers Piller, Pulcurra, Staines, Mt Connor, sandalwood, Rawson, Onari, Ayers Rock (now known as Uluru), gastrolobium, Liddle, 28 July large salt lake list of herbage

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/14
Date Range 1930 - 1931
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/14
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/15

Expedition truck log Petermann and Tomkinson Ranges 1930 - 1931 No 2


Black 170x325 MM note book, fly sheet annotated "The log (part 2) of Michael Terry leader of Endeavour Expedition to Tomkinson Ranges December and January 1930 - 1931". Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

See AA 333/5/13 for typescript. The back pages of this book contain a draft "Report on prospect Tonkin Blacktin and Cavenagh Ranges"

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/15
Date Range 1930 - 1931
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/15
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/16

Expedition truck log


Brown (timber look) 130x78 mm lined note book giving detailed movements (compass directions) and times (camel train, transport) but no weather report. Each daily entry incorporates the camp number (eg C22).

  • 22 April 1933 Cockatoo Creek, Kerridie Creek crossing, Doreen, Stanton Creek, Wolfram Hill, Braitlings house
  • 1 May Oomtchie, Wolfram Hill, Granite Boulder, Magain Downs Davenport, Waite Creek, Makurgie, Davenport, Blackshaft, Farewell, Ethel Creek, McEwin Hills, Onagain Dam, O'Gradys Well, Lake Mackay, Magain, Nyuna rockhole, Moorecenta, Bandstone Range, 10 June good landing grounds, Nicker Creek, Lake White, Officers Hill, Murdoch Cliffs, Grimwade Ranges, Granite Well, Hordeen Hill
  • 1 July laterite ridges, Whittington, Farowell Bluff, Doreen, Hardie, Davenport, Mt Allen, Gidea Creek, Napperby Creek, Tilmouth, Connors Well, Birt Creek, finished 12 August

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/16
Date Range 1933
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/16
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/17

Expedition truck log Laverton to Warburton Ranges 1931


Marbled 205x337 mm notebook, fly leaf annotated "Log of Michael Terry leader of Endeavour Mining Co NL expedition to Warburton Ranges 1931. Bird and Young expeditioners. Several pages at back of book list stores of food and gear etc. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 26 March 1931 Bird, Adelaide, Pt Augusta, Yacka, Alice Springs, Laura, Wilmgton, Kalgoorlie, JH Young, Victoria Hotel, Royal Chambers Hotel, Palace Hotel, Rundle Brothers, Water Supply Department, train to Laverton
  • 1 April Tom Leahy's pub, Brockman, White Cliffs Station, camel hire arranged, Talbot, Sam Haslett, Turner, Roads Board, Burtville, George Dwyer, Pt Salvation, Pt Kidman, entomological specimen collected from marsh, Quest party, FH Hann, MacIntyre, Sullivans Find, Jacksons Rock, Vincent and Jack MacIntyre, Rulter Grave Soak, sandalwood, Cosmo Newberry cattle Station, ordered to return Adelaide by 27 July, Layden, Mooltram, 14 April list of words, Point Virginia, Point Newland, Hasletts rockhole, granma holes, Franki (Australian Aboriginal man), Java Sparrow, Thatchers soak
  • 1 May Laverton, Jim Layton, Jacksons Rock, Constable Hunter, Bullant McIntyre, Harry Swimseer 1907, Frank Hann, Talbot, Carr Boyd, Theo Byers, Holtman, Hill End nugget, Virginia Range, 10 May list of words in Wangada language, Minnie Creek, Jalsons Rocks, Yungityerra and Frankie (Australian Aboriginal men), camels, estimated 4 inches rain in last few days, Bird, Young, Haslett, Warburton Ranges in sight, Theo Byers 1927 tracks, Hughes Creek, Elder Creek, Hasletts Well, 25 May pyrites, Talbot's report, Warburton Creek, cairn, galena and copper, Quest party, Jameson Range, Albert and Marie Range, 'Devil's dice', Johnson Creek, Laverton, J Forrest 1874, Mt Harvest, cairn, marking "TB, WH, VS, A, 14-9-28" and "MT, JY, WB 1-6-31"
  • 1 June Johnson Creek, Elder Creek, gold, gossan stone, Harry N Domeyer, Thomas Kelly of Quest party, Gall, Ooldea, Laverton, Mt Weir, White Cliffs, prospectors speared in Rawlinson Ranges, Pompey (Australian Aboriginal man), Scamp Creek, McGilbert, 6 June unidentified mineral like Wolfram, 13 June meteor impact estimated 60 miles distant 'a little this side of Jamieson Range', 18 June planted date and barley seeds, Theo Byers, marked and cut cork tree, 27 June gnamma holes, boulder marked "DC, CD cable, FB, JET FD 04, CB 96" ?Spring Granite? 28 June gold, took soil samples for Waite Institute on a tarertine ridge, more date and barley planted
  • 1 July towards Hasletts Well, 5 July, 7 July took soil samples for Waite Institute, 11 July met WA Survey party out to fix Lightning Rock, FL Paine, Weeks, Joe Lysaught, McIntyre, mileage pegs marked "PB" (Pastoral Boundary), Virginia Range, Thatchers Soak, heading into Laverton, Bob Sutheland, sandalwood, Gall, spearing of men at Rawlinson Ranges, Cosmo Newberry, Claypan Well, 15 July Laverton, Banks, Harris and Lemond, Jim O'Neil, Lyall press cuttings, Jack Cox, Golden Bell mine, Birtville, departed Laverton for home, Malcolm, KooKymie, Cornetvale, Kalgoorlie, packed material to go to Adelaide, George Hughes, Inspector Speering Smith, provided mileages and maps of the trip, by train to Port Augusta, 23 July 1931

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/17
Date Range 1931
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/17
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/18

Expedition truck log Erldunda Station to Laverton 1932


Mottled blue 205x337 mm notebook annotated on fly leaf "On deposit in SA Museum Adelaide please return. Log of Michael Terry leader Emu Mining Co expedition 1932." also recipe for "Brownie". Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 9 June depart Adelaide by train accompanied by SJ O'Grady (prospector) Quorn, Alice Springs, Rumbalara, Gus Elliott, Horseshoe Bend, camel train, Nobby Buex, Ben Nicker, Staines, Longbottom, Polkinghorne, Tempe Downs, ironestone cave, Lofty and Lockey (Australian Aboriginal men), Bryan Bowman, Mt Musgrave, Thattalmurra, George Giles Range, Oolculca rock hole, Ted Harris, Bob Purvis, Alice Well, Harry Tilmouth, Fred Grose, Sid Staines, two landscape artists arrived from Melbourne (AA 663 Battarbee and Gardiner), Littlejohn, Elias Watson, Riley car, Chinner, Pearce, Mrs Tucker, Jhonnie (Australian Aboriginal man), Cothard, Kitto, Lithgow, Inland Mission, Middleton Ponds, Allen Basedow, Hayball, Todmorden to Henbury, 5CL radio Station, Billy Stokes (Australian Aboriginal man), Henbury meteorite , Walter Smith (Australian Aboriginal man), Alan Breadon, "The Devils Punchbowl", Lithgow, Jhonnie (Australian Aboriginal man)
  • 1 July Running Waters, Harry Tilmouth, Tim Norman, Bob Buck, Liddle, Mt Ebenezer, Eustace McKinna, Johansen & Smith (murder victims), Sladen Waters, Dan Cole, Tempe Downs, Emu Bush, Ilbpilla, Breaden, quinine, Friars Balsam, Mrs Lewezdky, Sheppard fixed latitude as 24 degrees 32 minutes, Nicker, O'Grady, camel saddle from Afghanistan, 5 July skeletal remains, "Hairy Arse" (Australian Aboriginal man), Glen Edith, Mrs Crawford, 10 July fossils, Mt Lewis, black cockatoos, Oolcalea, brumbies, Chuttler rockhole, Haasts Bluff, 15 July erected cairn marked "MT, BN, SOG 14.7.32", Mt Peculiar, Mareenie, Mt Udor, Mt Liebig, Mt Russell, fosite dykes, Hermannsburg, Salvation Jane, Ali Mahomet, MASE, Lasseters party, Mick (Australian Aboriginal man), Edmund Albert Colson (AA 62), Thornycroft six wheeler, Lake Burnett, Davenport, Salvation rockhole, 29 July native well, Braitling, LA Wells, Vaughan Springs, circular vertical shafts
  • 1 August MASE, granite boulder North of Vaughan Springs, Murray & Maurice 1901, bristle covered rat, Ethel Creek, Fred Daws, Jimmy Wyckham, Newland Cave, Singleton, Yow (Australian Aboriginal man), Lake MacKay, Tanami goldfield, tree blaze "T 11-8-32", boulder on slab with stone arrangments, twin camel calfs, cockatells, 15 August new soak, Surprise rockhole, George McEwin Hills, 18 August native well, skull of spinefax rat for SA Museum, Wallace Sawford, Braitling, 28 August mound springs, Constable Lynch, Ilbilla, rock carvings
  • 1 September Ethel creek, emu wren, Davenport, Albinia, Stanlay, equinoxial gales, Waite Creek, Era Spring, 15 September eclipse of the moon, Mt Leisler, Lucky Hit rockhole, Thomas Reservoir, Salvation rockhole, Lake MacKay, Larry Tippen, Dry Bluff
  • 1 November burial of Border Expedition stores, Era Spring, Sladen Waters, Rawlinson, cabage gum marked "Lasseter 2.13.3-0", Lake Christopher, Lake Amadeus, Toolcoopern, Hasletts Well, Gordon Spring, Piltardie, Princess Alexandra parrots, Lilla Creek, Tommys Flat, Warburton Range, Todd Range, Quartz Soak, Elder Creek, Gibsons desert, Mt Harrison, RB Lugg, Hughes Creek, Sam Hazlett, Bill Higgs, Bert Stewart, Paddy Whelan, Louis Mueller, Mt Squires, Michael Roach, copper silicate, Mt Hilda, Bill Marshall, West Australian party, Capt, Foreman, Coote, Cable, Talbot, Liversley Range, Quest Expedition, Mt Harvest, Laverton, Mt Shaw, Mt Waugh, Glen Cumming, Julsons Belt
  • 1 December Centralian Gold Co., Stewart and Cable, Coote, Lindsay Pearce syndicate, Sopwith Gnu, Harry Shaw, Laverton, Formen, Liversley, Buliderin and Erskine, Talbot, Whelan, Lake Throssell, McGill, Gunbah, Minnie Creek, High Point gamma hole, bush fire 25 miles wide, Cable, Terry back injury, Rutters Grave, Sam Haslett, Smallpage, White Cliffs homestead, December 18 arrived Laverton, Matron Hart, Captain Farmer, Centralion Gold Exploration Company, Jutsons Rocks, Erlstoun Station, Cuthbert Porter, Harris & Lemaro, Pollock, Leahys Palace Hotel, Kalgoorlie, Jake McIntyre, AJ Thomson, Victoria Hotel, Mrs Marger, Horseshoe Bend
  • 1 January 1933 Chas Brown

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/18
Date Range 1932
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/18
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/19

Log of Michael Terry leader of Emu Mining Company expedition to Lake Mackay 1933


Brown 205x337 mm notebook annotated on fly leaf "Log of Michael Terry leader leader of Emu Mining Company expedition to Lake Mackay 1933" opposite list of soil and mining samples, with mileages for April to August. Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 30 March O'Grady, Adelaide, Alice Springs
  • 1 April Mrs Meyers, Ben Nicker, Mick Heenan, Stafford, Kharlick, camels, Wallis Fogarty, Paddy Tucker, Carrington relating to incursion into reserve 1932, Miss Olive Muriel Pink, Sydney, David Douglas Smith, Brazenal, Stafford, Hermannsburg, Bob (Australian Aboriginal man), Paddy (Australian Aboriginal man), Gordon Lyon, Constable Hamilton, Coniston, Mick Heenan, Ryans Well, Burt Well, Fred Coban, George Edington, 8 April notes on Stafford's account, Pat Chapman, Major Kirby, Bunker Hill, Barney O'Leary, Mt Russell, Murray Russell, Thornycroft, Constable Lynch, Tanami, Warden Bell, Kilmartin, Constable Muldon, Willis, Titree, Neurillba Syndicate, CA Stokes, VM Newland, Billy Fox, Halls Creek, Billy Braitling, Rock Hill, Karrandee Creek, Star Creek, Cockatoo Creek, 25 April list camel's names, Jack Cusack, Wolfram Hill, Mt Doreen, grass rat or 'Quarlpa', Alec Ross, George Blake
  • 1 May Wolfram Hill, Braitling Road, Loonbugalong, Mt Doreen, list of material left at Braitling's, Kerreedee Creek, Whitington Soak, AJ Thomson 1926, Bob and Paddy (Australian Aboriginal men), Vaughn Spring, 6 May marked tree "1.8.32/6.5.33", mythical snake, date stones planted last year sprouting, Waite Creek, Braitling, Constable Tony Lynch, 18 May erected pole with initials and 15.3.33 at the mine and photographed the formations, Midgin, Thomas Reservoir, copper, Lake Mackay, Black Shaft soakage, Ewoora, Aquoora, Connoo Well, Emu wren, Adelaide SA Museum, Ethel Creek, 26 May engraved post "MT, BN, SO'G, 14 & 23.8.1932, 26.5.33", Muryeroo, McEwan Hills, Jimmy Wyckham, O'Gradys Well, Mountain Devil, shell parrots
  • 1 June Dick Rowan, Sydney Margaret Range, O'Neil and Ryan, Koolz-nynwa rockhole, Vaughn Spring, 3 June nearing WA border, Stausmore Range, Brookman Waters, Norman Brookman, Oasis Valley, Norman Barnett Tindale (AA 338), Kaiditchi, Wallmulla, Montejinnie, Lake Weston, Hidden Basin, cairn marked "JRO'D 1910" added "MT BN 33", Lake White, Mary Spring, Mt Russell, 20 June near 1928 expedition track, Blackwood Bluff, Corkscrew Hill, Kirby, Wilson, Wave Hill, Camooweal, Ted North, Chapman and wife, McEwin, Mackay Expedition to the Petermann Ranges, Kilgarif, Alice Springs, Adelaide, 8GF, Hordern Hill
  • 1 July Blackwood Bluff, Newlands Cave, Joe Brown, Black Shaft, Surprise rockhole, Jimmy Wyckham, Tom Hanlan, cattle duffing, marked tree "T 8.6.33", Waterloo Wells, 8 July stone circles, Gibsons Desert, Browns Plains, Joe Brown, Farewell, Whitington Soak, Doreen, Wolfram Hill, stock from Kimberley via Tanami, 19 July evidence of earth movement, Kerree water hole, Mt Allen, Reynolds Range, Napperby Station, Mr Sullivan, Mr Turner, Mr Tilmouth, Fred Davis, murder at Coniston, Tommy Turner, Mt Hammond
  • 1 August Mt Hammond, Hann Range, galira, copper, Tilmouth, Coniston, Napperby Creek, 1926 Jack Carige, Wilton Hack, Freshfield, Claxton, pyrites, white eagle hawkes, Connors Well, Ryans Well, Bohning brothers, Jack Willis, Joe Roberts, Mucketi bore, Tony Lynch, Mt Peake Station, Bill Petherick, Alf Turner, Alec Scott, Balfor Warehope, Fred Harris, Jack Kraft, Alice Springs, Mrs Roper, Mrs Meyers, Charlie Maynard, Scientific Gold Exploration Co., Chateau Tanunda, Percival Gull, Constable W McKinnon, NE Lowe, Ali Mahomet (also known as Ramazan), Oodnadatta, 24 August arrived Adelaide

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/19
Date Range 1933
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/19
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/20

Expedition truck log Laverton WA 1934


Mottled green 205x337 mm notebook annotated on fly leaf "Log of Michael Terry leader Acme Prospecting Syndicalte NL expedition to Laverton WA 1934." also list of truck spares and rations, plus four items from "home code". Each daily entry includes camp number (eg C22) and a weather report.

  • 26 May Adelaide, Clare, WJ Bird, Alec Paterson, Jim Monoghan, Kalgoorlie, Port Augusta, Flinders Hotel, JD Coats, William Hatfield, Nonning Station, Yardea, Ceduna, Aichie Giran, Penong, Mrs Nieass, Chinba, Colaipa Station, Tallowan
  • 1 June Nullabor Station, Mrs Brooks, Eucla, Simon, Charlie Cable, Mundartilla Station, Hogarth, Madura, Mr Woods, Forest, Rawlenna, Adelaide Car Service, Jonbert, Delage, Mr O'Sullivan, Naseetta Station, Goddards Creek, Karonie, Ted Graham, Gregory Hills, gold, Kalgoorlie, Jonbert, truck registered as KMC 908 (WA), Inland City Hotel, The Palace Hotel, Ernest Williams, Perserverence Mine, Western Mining Corporation, Stuart Campbell, Lamingtron Heights, Lindsay Clark, Employers Liability, Bob Smith, SC Newham, Galanchine, "Record of the Gregory Hills", Cutbill, Wreford, National Bank of Perth, Dr Moss, Mrs McKinstrey, Dick Zeigler, Kanowora, Kurolpie, Yates, cut out of part WA map "Central Division" (North Coolgardie) with track in red ink from Laverton to Mt Shenton and off map in NE direction, Jim Cox, Jubilee Mine, Louisa Downs, Mr Cable, sandalwood, Mulgabbie, Pinjin Station, Aloughbun,Yoari battery, O'Brien, Webster, Bullfrich rush, Anglo Saxon, Edjudina, Rowe, Sheridan, Pinjin King, Mat Dunn, Thompson's Patricia mine, Mendlesham, Linden, Theo Byers, Forrest's Find, Jack McIntyre, Sam Haslett, Tommy Kelly, Bob Bruse, Laucefield, Cosmo Newberry Station, Bob Sutherland, Ivor Jones, pegged 48 acres near Green and Gold, Whitfords Reward, tree marked "SGH 5'96 -Hubbe"
  • 1 July gold, Mt Strawbridge, post marked "/\ vii 9 FI" Smith ill returned to Laverton 27 July, applied to register claims, Mr Lambert, Jack Ruddock, Halley's comet, Neeolio rockhole, Smith paid off and E Grant and DG Thomas employed, Dr Gillert, Edward Frank Jensen
  • 1 August Sam Haslett, Laverton, The Granites, Tennant & Co gold strike, list of assays 4 August, Hawks Nest, Cosmo Newberry, Heyden, McIntyre, Tommy (Australian Aboriginal man), Dwyer
  • 1 September Mt Strawbridge, Ruddock, waxbills, Laverton, McGinnes, 12 September Grant paid off, Pt Virginia, White Cliffs, Pt Salvation, McEwin, White Anchor Co, 20 September "Foreskin Jack" (Australian Aboriginal man), Skipper and Tony (Australian Aboriginal men), Crocked Toe (Australian Aboriginal man), Cosmo Newberry, cars from Laverton, Minnie Creek, gold eight pound seventeen shillings an ounce, Charlie (Australian Aboriginal man), J Duza, Kalgoorlie
  • 1 October asbestos, gold, Vinegar (Australian Aboriginal man), McIntyre, Laverton, Dr Gillen, booked 25 ton crushing, McGinnes, Tobar, Tool, Minnie Creek, Rutters Grave, 10 October plan of claims, Ray Bonner, Point Salvation, She-is-right mine, Motterams Reef, JW Blair and HA Chester, haematite, Colin McDonald, Allens Station, McIntyres Reef, JB Hughes, Laverton, Bird to Kalgoorlie for dentist, Dave Thomas, WJ Gambie, Evelyn James, 30 October list of claims applied for, Bill Williams, Lauriefield
  • 1 November Laverton, She-is-right, Dwyer, McEuin, Thomas and Gambie, Bill Sherbourne, The Sailor Prince, Reg Sharpe, Bird, Cosmo Newberry, Peter Buck, Mrs A (Bonny) Bereford, Morgaus, Sister Marjorie Costella, E McAlinder, J Ball, Cork Tree Flat, Acme Reef, Mortrains Reef, Cockey Reef, Thomas sandy blight, last page "sample key" indicating quantity of gold returned

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/20
Date Range 1934
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/20
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/21

Expedition truck log part 2 of Cosmo Newbery expedition


Green 195x230 mm notebook annotated on fly leaf "Log (2nd part) of Michael Terry leader Acme Prospecting Syndicate NL expedition to Cosmo Newbery WA 1935." plus three items from "home code" and address for WJ Bird and Frank Rutley, Arthur Rymen.

  • 29 November Gambie, Byron Godson, Thomas, asbestos, myterious green mineral, McIntyre, Leyden, Charlie Mallett, Laverton, Kurranelli, Abdul, Toole's Find, Shaz, Charles Swanson
  • 1 January 1935 Lenora, Padre Quirk, TS Wilson, Kalgoorlie, Perth, Mr Gallanchini, The Esplanade, Col White, Fremantle, MV Westralia, 19 January Adelaide
  • 19 March departed Adelaide by train, Kalgoorlie, Hannas West, Laverton, L Della, E James, H Shotter, F Sellen, Laverton for Cosmo Newbery, Steve Southern
  • 1 April Vic Curnow, Reg Fricker, free gold appearing, McIntyre, Leyden, Len Roberts, Lancefield Mine
  • 1 May 36 years second birthday at Cosmo Newbery, crushing halted, Ted James, Carr-Boyd, AS Giles, Geraldtown, Tom McNamara, C Blaxam, Perth, R De Possay
  • 1 June Gold Fields Development, Byron Eveyrs, Fricker eye injury, Agnew, Nat Edquist, Sons of Gwolia, Central Yellowdine Company, King of Creation, Cox's Find, Beresford, Hamer, 19 June left for Kalgoorlie by train thence Adelaide, the Esplanade at Perth, SH Carlisle, Yellow Areas, Mr Vail, Dr Frank Moss, Westminer
  • 1 August Laverton, Ida H, George Morgan
  • 1 September Talbot, Westminer, Gallanchini, Buddy Bridgeman, Joe Gardiner, Lancefield dago, Stan Bridgeman, Molly Bridgeman, rough gold
  • 1 October Byrib Bridgeman, Fricker, James, Morgan, bismuth, GH Carlsile, Jack Seaborne
  • 1 November E Gray, Australian Workers Union, Arnold Brown, Dr Myles, Bob Russell, Bannigo, Dug Harris, Dug Kane, Fred Cooke
  • 1 December Mr Foxall, Clayton, Vincent, Laverton, Charlie Sadler, 19 December departed for Kalgoorlie, R De Possay, Talbot report, Mr Compton, Mr Agnew, Mr Manton, Perth, Esplanade Hotel, Dr Simpson, 23 December Bryup Brook, Commander J Collis-Bird

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/21
Date Range 1934 - 1935
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/21
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/22

Log of Michael Terry Acme Prospecting Syndicate NL


Green 195x230 mm notebook.

  • 18 February 1936 Perth, Kalgoorlie, Mr Agnew, Goldfields (Aust) Dev Co Ltd, McDermott, Laverton, Turner, Harold Shotter, Jalsons Rocks, Bloxam, Barrett, McDermott, Yale, R De Possay, Rasul
  • 1 March Laverton, Mt Sill, Carr-Boyds Reward, Tommy Vincent, AS Giles, Greenough, Carr-Boyds Reward, Mt Black, Sons of Gwolia
  • 1 April, 5 April instructed to close down and sell up, 11 April various material including cynide drums dumped in shaft, H Greenwood-Thomas, Augusta Mine, Mary Mac Syndicate, EA Cox, Mr Blackett, Tom Barrett, Cosmo Newberry, Lenora, EH Noske, White Cliffs, AJM Wilson, Arthur Robinson & Co, departed for Kalgoorlie, Bobby Venn, Joy Malloch, Muorin, Melita Station (Mr Finlayson), Lady Shorten Mine, Paton & Morris, Perth, Comet Vale, Broad Arrow, Railway Hotel, Jack Hehir, list of tools and other material left in Kalgoorlie, last entry 25 April

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/22
Date Range 1936
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/22
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/23

Expedition truck log Port Hedland to Melbourne kept by J Keyser engineer to Terry expedition


Black note book 80x180 mm with sewn brown leather spine. Appears to be rough note book. Contains list of Australian Aboriginal words and English equivalents. Fairly detailed daily movement but no indication of dates

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/23
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/23
Series AA 333/05

AA 333/5/24

The buyer's guide and trade index of NSW


Red covered "The buyer's guide and trade index of NSW marked "Adelaide- Tanami - Alice Springs Jervois Range 1929". NO PRINTED CONTENTS and tab index ignored. Book used as diary. First few papers gives indication of truck and stores costs.

  • Background notes on various areas and people
  • mileages Adelaide to Alice Springs
  • 24 July 1929 Dr Harald Gengaulet Smith, The Palms Station, Philip's Pond, Old Eba, Mt Vivian, Mt Eba, Twins Station, Birthday Well, Coober Pedy, Oodnadatta, Inspector Good, Mt Willoughby Station
  • 1 August Oodnadatta, Wallis Foggarty, Hamilton Bore, Crown Station, Bert Branison, New Crown Station, Mrs Cameron, Alice Well, Jim Murphy, Alice Springs, Wolfram, first passenger train, Gordon Downs, Prof. Davis, Dr Thomas Draper Campbell (AA 52), Hermannsburg, Ryans Well, Napperby, Bronco Bill, cyclist on track Sydney to Darwin, Mt Wedge, Wilaherta Jack (Australian Aboriginal man), Mr Henty, Mr Brooks, Anderson & Hitchcock (lost prospectors), Leslie McNamee, Ritchie Hill, Jack Atherton, Eric Shellie, Dick Smith, Tanami Co, 16 August George (Australian Aboriginal man), lease pegging, Tommy and Cockalilli (Australian Aboriginal men), Bluebush Swamp, Rabbit Flat, Warden Hood, Dan Toohey, Banana Springs, Tom Lawyer, Sister Palmer, Sister Wilson, Tom Lawrie, RR Smith, Mr Archibald, Mr McBeth, Miss Effe Smith, Bob Smith, Ted North, Jack Atherton, Jim Kirkwood, Ernie Hullsbeid, Dr Mondby, Wyndham, Derby, Sturt Creek Station, Issac Brown, Billilaura, black and white marsupial [?quoll], Soakage Creek, Mick Downing, Charlie Coberoff, Dick Kilmartin, Jellabra Rockhole, 27 August diagram of lease claims, Jim O'Neill, Corkscrew claim
  • 1 September laterite jumpup, Mt Marjorie, Wargabriddie, Cockatoo Creek, wolfram, Napperby, Coniston, Alice Stafford, Mr Willie Lynch (now called Percy) (Australian Aboriginal man), Hart's Bluff, Billy Briscoe, Mick Sullivan, Miss Ann Lock (AA 184), Aituckera, Harold Smith, graphite, wolfram, photographs of claim, Constable Littlejohn, Jack Young, Jack Kyser, Hanlans Find, David Douglas Smith, Mrs Crawford, Constable Murray, Jim O'Niell, Jack Young, Clariville Station, Dick Turner, JE Hender, Quorn, Harding Spring, Marshall River, Jervois Range, bismouth, copper, gold, Archie Cameron,The Happy Family option, The Cuckoo claim, The Bronsewing, Billy Briscoe, Pilot Brian, mechanic Thomas, geologist Sheppard, AF Buscall & Co., The Last Hoper Sydnicate, The Grand Junction, Tim Hanlan interview (see below for details), Randolph E Bedford, John G McKell, George Martin, Perce Kiesewetter, Walter Spencer, Fred McCaw, Hudson & Co., Ooroobora, 27 September sketch of location from which specimens taken, James Emanuel Laughton, option over Greenbank lease, Mt Guide, Betabo Station, DeBoris, Claraville, notes on Jack Young
  • 1 October sold kit and stripped truck, departed for Adelaide, Charlie Mathews

  • Notes titled "Exclusive personal interview with Tom Hanlan by Michael Terry"

  Creator Michael Terry
Control AA 333/5/24
Date Range 1929
Formats Diaries
Inventory Identifier AA 333/5/24
Series AA 333/05