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Series AA 322/1
Drawing by Tommy McRae (Yackaduna, Warra-euea, Tommy Barnes)
Date Rangec. 1860 - 1901
Quantity0.1 cm, 1 Drawing
ProvenanceUna Sybella Teague

It is unknown how the Tommy McRae drawing came into Una Teague's possesion. However it was probably through her sister Violet Teague, who was a well known artist.

Tommy McRae an Australian Aboriginal artist, c1835-1901 was one of the first Aboriginal artists to be taught western artistic traditions, such as drawing figures in charcoal on paper.

His books of drawings mostly recorded traditional Aboriginal life, such as ceremonies and scenes of hunting and fishing.

Some drawings were annotated as the work of 'Tommy Barnes'. The artist possibly adopted the name of an employer, the Wodonga pastoralist David Barnes.

McRae died on 15 October 1901 and was buried in the Carlyle cemetery at Wahgunyah.

His drawings are held in several public collections in Australia, including the National Museum of Australia and the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Koorie Heritage Trust, Melbourne University Archives, the State libraries of Victoria and New South Wales and the Museum Victoria.

See "Aboriginal Artists of the Nineteenth Century", by Andrew Sayers for further information.

Inventory Listing

AA 322/1/1

'Echukia Tribe Corrobery Oldin Times' by Tommy McRae


Drawing by Tommy McRae in black ink. Reverse side of drawing written in pencil: "Presented by Miss U. S. Teague 25 March. 1958." Written in pencil by Norman B Tindale (see AA 338): "No. 2 drawn by Tommy Macrae Blackfellow! (Barnes) on station near Corowa".

Drawing of ten Australian Aboriginal men, dressed for ceremony, holding spears and shields.

Tindale Tribes: Jotijota.

  Creator Una Sybella Teague
Control AA 322/1/1
Quantity 56 cm, 1 Drawing 36 x 24 cm Formats Drawings
Inventory Identifier AA 322/1/1
Series AA 322/1